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Low Voltage Industrial Lights

When you purchase lighting systems, you will need to keep in mind that complementary parts are often needed in order to complete the installation.

Low-voltage industrial lights are often used in outdoor security-lighting systems. Low-voltage kits can provide round-the-clock illumination at a fraction of the cost of standard, high-wattage systems. When combined with solar panels, these systems can be even more cost- and energy-effective. For industrial companies, this can translate into saving hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year in energy costs.

Low-Voltage Industrial Lights and Wiring

Certain components are required to operate low-voltage industrial lights at their fullest potential. Wiring, for example, must match the needs of the system. For security-lighting setups, wires must be tough enough to withstand attempts at intrusion or disruption caused by vandals, thieves, natural disasters, fire or wildlife. Reinforced wires and underground cables can heighten the security of the system.

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Chambers Power Products supplies industrial clients with a variety of electrical components tailored to meet countless needs. When you purchase lighting systems, you will need to keep in mind that complementary parts are often needed in order to complete the installation. Instead of buying separate components, you might consider purchasing a total lighting kit that includes all the bulbs, wires, casings and transformers that you need to get started.

Special transformers are needed to power low-voltage lighting systems. In addition to being calibrated exactly for these types of lights, they are also often encased in epoxy powder-coated housings to ensure damage-free operation in any industrial environment. For questions about power components or transformers, call Chambers Power Products directly at (866) 534-0239.


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